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Real Estate Loans

Whether purchasing the real estate for your first assisted living facility, or expanding your business with a new location, we have a number of commercial real estate loan options availale to suit your specific deal to ensure you get the terms you need to close the deal. 


Many assisted living facility purchases involve purchasing business assets along with real estate. Our team members are experts in SBA financing and can get your deal placed with the right SBA lender to give you the ability to complete an assisted living purchase that involves intangible assets such as goodwill. 


Whether the term of your current assisted living loan is expiring, you want to cash in on your equity, or lower your monthly payments with better loan terms, we can work with you to refinance your assisted living facility quickly and with favorable terms. 

Assisted Living Facility Loans

With our extensive knowledge and experience in assisted living transactions, Vandenboss Commercial can secure financing for your deals. Our lending team specializes in financing assisted living properties and businesses, and senior housing.

Transaction Financing

One of the most important pieces of closing an assisted living facility is financing, and working with the right lender can make the difference between a failed deal and a quick, smooth successful transaction. Our knowledge and experience in the assisted living market helps us to provide the detailed property and market data to our network of capital partners to ensure you receive the most competitive deal terms available. Once analyzing your deal and determining the best financing options available, we will present your deal to our lending partners that have the most experience in your specific deal type, which makes the financing piece of your transaction run quickly and smoothly.


Refinancing an assisted living facility with a history of positive cash flow under your ownership can often provide the best loan terms available. Whether you’re refinancing an existing loan for a reduced interest rate, to cover the amount due at the end of a term, or to cash out with tax free funds, our refinancing options can get your loan closed and funds distributed within 30 days or less.

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