Every business relies on a marketing campaign to reach their goals. An assisted living center is no exception. The purpose of any marketing is to raise awareness of the business by engaging with potential customers and then converting those engagements to sales. Most marketing campaigns include several different activities that are coordinated for maximum efficiency. Common aspects of marketing campaigns include publishing ads via radio, television, and the internet.

But is it really worth going to all that effort? Unfortunately, it is often difficult to measure the success or failure of a marketing campaign. An influx of patients to your assisted living care center could be caused by a variety of unrelated factors. The following article is a guide to help you determine whether your current marketing efforts are effective.

Review P&L Statements

What is a P&L statement? P&L means “profit and loss“. The purpose of a P&L statement is to summarize all the expenses, losses, and income in a single document. These statements can be used to get a baseline idea of how effective a marketing campaign has been. Ideally, a good campaign will reflect progress in the P&L statement. Businesses are required to keep track of their income, so this shouldn’t require any extra paperwork.

Determining ROI

ROI stands for “return on investment”. It is a common term among business leaders and marketers. ROI involves weighing the costs of a marketing campaign against the revenue it has helped to generate. Knowing how to calculate ROI is essential when trying to determine how effective a marketing campaign is. Many free resources are available on the web that allow small business owners to easily calculate ROI for any marketing campaign.

Check Social Media Statistics

Most successful modern-day campaigns use social media. This makes tracking the effectiveness and reach of your marketing efforts much easier. You can see how many views your posts have, how many times it has been shared, and even a statistic called “engagement”. Engagement refers to any form of significant interaction that occurred as a result of a marketing post. These stats will help you get a feel for what type of post resonates with your target audience!

As a business leader, you are responsible for making sure that the resources and efforts put into a marketing campaign for your assisted living center actually pay dividends. Use these tips to gauge that success.

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