Running an industrial kitchen is hard. Running an industrial size assisted living facility’s kitchen can be harder. Identifying specific things you can do to improve kitchen functions will make a big difference in your kitchen’s overall operation.

Keeping Your Drains Clear

Because your sink plays such a fundamental role in all cooking, keeping your drains clear is important to have smooth kitchen operations. Be aware of the different things such as fats, oils, and grease, that shouldn’t go down the drain.

You should also make sure to regularly run the disposal at least every day so that gunk and food particles do not start to build up and clog the drain. In addition to doing what you can to clear drains on a daily basis, you should also consider performing a deeper clean on the drain every now and then.

You can do this by pouring one part baking soda and then one part vinegar down a drain. Then cover the drain and let the mixture work in the pipe for several minutes. Finally, pour boiling water down the drain to finish off the cleaning process.

Preventing Pests

Having pests in the kitchen is dangerous and dirty. While there are factors that contribute to the need for pest control that you can’t easily address, there are others that you can address within your facility. Proper handling and storing methods can reduce the risk of pests invading. Make sure all food is put away promptly and that it is sealed when being stored. You should also regularly sweep and mop to remove any crumbs that may attract pests.

Preemptive pest control can also be helpful for preventing any problems. Having ant traps and other deterrents is an easy way to identify if you may be at risk of developing a problem, which will allow you to act in time to prevent your kitchen from being overrun.

Do What Prep You Can Ahead of Time

When it comes to running an assisted living facility’s kitchen, you typically have the luxury of being able to meal prep beforehand because everyone is served the same dish for each meal. Doing as much meal prep early on will make a big difference when mealtime comes around especially because you may have to make more specific changes to each person’s meal based on different residents’ eating preferences or restrictions.

In addition to allowing you more time to adequately address the particular wishes of individual residents, doing as much meal prep as possible will also make it easier when it comes to taking the meals out to individual residents’ rooms which can take time and subtract from the kitchen’s typical manpower.

Figuring out how to best run an assisted living facility’s kitchen can be difficult. With so many different factors to consider, it can be hard to know where to start, but it is worth taking the time to get it right.

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