It is quite possible that your assisted living facility could be wasting energy without anyone even noticing. There are many things you can do and changes you can make in order to ensure your facility is running in an energy-efficient way. Investing in more efficient appliances, transitioning to solar power, and unplugging unused appliances can make a big difference.

Efficient Appliances

Buying more efficient appliances, including cooking appliances, HVAC systems, refrigerators, and more, can help your assisted living facility save energy and keep from wasting money. You can get clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and even air conditioners that will cut your water and energy costs all while getting their work done well. These energy efficient appliances are much better for the environment and will make a big difference in boosting your overall energy efficiency.

Solar Power

You can harness the sunlight touching the facility’s roof in order to increase your energy efficiency. In addition to other benefits, solar power can cut your electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions. You can significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill! Solar power is sustainable and renewable, low maintenance, and much quieter than electricity.

You can install solar panels on the roofing of your building, and these panels do not have to ruin the design of your assisted living facility. Some roofing even has built in solar panels so it looks much more natural.

Unplug Appliances After Use

If you leave appliances and devices plugged in while they aren’t being used, you are probably wasting “phantom energy.” TVs, computers, microwaves, washing machines, and many other appliances have a “standby” mode, meaning even when they are no longer in use, they continue to use energy. If no one is using an appliance, unplug it to avoid wasting unnecessary energy.

There are many easy ways to make sure you unplug your appliances when they are not in use. For example, power strips are an easy way to cut off the power to multiple hard-to-reach appliances all at once.

Reducing your energy waste and increasing your efficiency will provide many financial and environmental benefits for your assisted living facility. By making changes like investing in more efficient appliances, switching to solar power, and making a practice of unplugging appliances and devices following use can have an immense positive impact on your facility’s energy efficiency.

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