Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation

When locating, and negotiating, the purchase of a new commercial property it is important to have a dedicated agent representing you and your best interests in the deal. When dealing directly with the listing agent, the listing agent is legally required to represent their client’s (the seller) best interest and negotiate the most favorable terms for them. Having an agent dedicated to your best interests, and your best interest only, is extremely important to ensure you not only get the most favorable deal possible, but to help guide you in discovering any potential issues with the property such as; environmental issues, easements, or title issues that may affect you down the road. Working with a professional buyer rep from Vandenboss Commercial can save you thousands, and even millions, on your purchase as well as save you numerous headaches. Let us handle the real estate, while you take care of your business.

How Buyer Representation Works

Once you select Vandenboss Commercial to represent you in your commercial real estate purchase we enter into a Buyer Agency relationship. This agency relationship gives your agent a fiduciary duty to represent you and look out only for your best interests. This relationship requires that your agent discloses all material facts relating to the property and the transaction to you. It also requires your agent to keep all confidential information you provide fully confidential.

The buyer agency fee is typically paid by the seller, or the seller’s agent. This fee is usually a percentage of the total sale price. This can often cause a conflict because the higher the sale price, the more your agent gets paid. This may lead some real estate agents to talk their client into a higher price instead of talking the seller into a lower one. At Vandenboss Commercial, our goals are not centered around transaction volume or total commissions, but instead on doing the very best we can for our clients in all aspects of the transaction. Our agents all understand, and agree, that getting the best possible deal for our clients results in more future business.

 Is your business looking for a commercial property to purchase? Contact Vandenboss Commercial to discuss your real estate needs and goals further so that our agents can help you in creating a viable plan that is focused on your best interests.

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