Six Bed Adult Foster Care in Lowell – SOLD
June 23, 2018
Two Six Bed Adult Foster Care Homes in Lansing
June 23, 2018

Six Bed Adult Foster Care in Central Michigan

Price: $350,000
Beds: 6
Size: 4500
Gross Revenue (annual): $108,000
Net Income (annual): $52,780
Average Bed Rate (monthly):

Beautiful adult foster care home in a rural area in Central Michigan. This home is currently owner occupied, but has trained and experienced staff to take over day-to-day operations.

This facility is large enough to accommodate 12 residents, but would need the investment of a sprinkler system to be licensed for 12.

This AFC home sits on nearly 7 acres, which already has an additional well and septic in place, to build a second facility.

Monthly bed rates haven’t been raised in several years, and are currently below the average for the area. Rates can easily be raised an additional $500 – $1,500 per bed per month.

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