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In Washington, Assisted Living Facilities are defined as any home or institution which expresses or implies the purpose of providing housing, services, and general responsibility for the safety and well being of its residents. If licensed after 7/1/00, the facility may offer domiciliary care to 7 or more residents. Facilities licensed before 7/1/00 may offer care to 3-6 residents and maintain an ALF license. 

Assisted Living Facilities do not include group training homes, independent senior housing, retirement communities, or any other similar situations. 

Housing, activities, laundry, meals, medication assistance, emergency assistance, coordination of health care services, and arrangements for health care appointments are basic services that must be provided. 

Assistance with ADLs, adult day services, health support services, intermittent nursing services, transportation, and care for individuals with dementia or other mental illnesses are optional services that may be offered as well. 

Private bedrooms must have a minimum of 80 sq. ft. of living space. Shared units must have at least 70 sq. ft. per resident. Units licensed before 7/1/89 may allow a maximum of 4 residents per unit. Facilities licensed after this date may have a maximum of 2 residents per unit.

Facilities providing common-use toilets must provide 1 toilet and sink per 8 residents and 1 bath/shower per 12 residents. 

Assisted Living Facilities funded by Medicaid must provide rooms with a kitchen area and private bathroom. These units must be at least 220 sq. ft. excluding the bathroom. 

Facilities contracted with DSHS/ALTSA must meet licensing requirements for square footage. The units may only allow 1 resident per unit unless requested to share with a spouse. Private bathrooms are required for all residents under this contract. 

Washington is known as the “Evergreen State”. It’s the largest city is Seattle, which is also the 15th largest city by population in the U.S. 

About 7.6 million people live in Washington. An estimated 15.5% of those people ages 65 or older. 

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