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In Vermont, these facilities are known as Assisted Living Residences and Residential Care Homes. Both offer housing, meals, and supportive services to adults that do not need nursing home care but cannot live independently. 

Residential Care Homes are categorized by level of care. Level III  and Level IV must provide housing, assistance with personal care and medication management, and general supervision. Level III must additionally provide some nursing services. 

Assisted Living Residences are homelike facilities that must offer a private bedroom, a private bathroom, living space, kitchenette, and a door that locks. Private living units must provide at least 225 sq. ft. of usable space. This does not include bathroom or closet space. Each resident must be offered a private room with a private bathroom.

Active participation in decision making and resident self-direction is expected. These facilities must also meet Level III Residential Care Home licensing requirements.

Twenty four hour staff supervision is required in these facilities. Assistance with all personal care and instrumental activities of daily living is provided as well. Health monitoring and intermittent nursing services may be offered. Supervision and services for individuals with dementia or other related issues may also be offered. 

Access or coordinated access must be available for medical-related care, beauty services, social activities, equipment maintenance, hospice, home health, or other necessary services.

Although there are no set staffing ratios, there must be sufficient qualified staff on-site at all times. A director must be on-site each day to manage the home and supervise both employees and residents. At least 1 personal care assistant must be available and on-site 24 hours a day. An RN or LPN must also be on-site as necessary.

Known as the “Green Mountain State”, Vermont is a popular destination for hiking and skiing. It’s also home to the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory and Lake Champlain. With less than 625,000 residents, Vermont ranks in at #49 in population for states in the U.S. About 19.5% of their population are 65 or older. 

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