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In Utah, Assisted Living Facilities are classified as Type I and Type II. They are further classified as large (17 or more residents), small (6-16 residents), and limited capacity (2-5 residents). Building codes will vary depending upon classification. 

Type I facilities offer assistance with activities of daily living as well as social care to 2 or more residents. Each resident must have a mobile capability to exit the facility without assistance. 

Type II facilities offer a homelike environment with 24 hours of supportive personal and health care services. Full assistance with activities of daily living is provided as well as general nursing care. Residents may be admitted that have mobility sufficient to exit the building with the assistance of one person. 

Both types of facilities must provide personal care, food service, housekeeping, laundry, activities, and self-administration of medication. Arrangements for necessary medical and dental care as well as intermittent nursing care may also be provided. Third-party agencies are permitted. Both types of facilities may also accept residents who are cognitively impaired and/or physically disabled. 

Private units must offer at least 120 sq. ft. of usable space. Double occupancy units must offer at least 200 sq. ft. of usable space. This does not include living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens. 

A maximum of 2 residents may share a room. Written requests from both residents must be presented. There must be a toilet and lavatory for every 6 residents. A bath/shower is required per 10 residents. 

Sufficient direct care staff must be on-site 24 hours per day as determined by assessments and service plans. Each facility must also employ an administrator. 

Known as the “Beehive State” and home to the California Gull, Utah is the 13th largest state by area. Over 3.2 million people reside in Utah, with over 200,000 of them living in the state capital of Salt Lake City. About 11% of the state’s population is 65 years or older. 

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