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Assisted Living Facilities in Texas are classified as either Type A or Type B facilities. This is based on the residents’ capabilities to evacuate a facility. They are also classified as large or small. Large has 16 or more residents, while small has fewer than 16 residents. In both classifications, food, shelter, and personal care is provided to 4 or more people unrelated to the proprietor. 

A Type A facility may admit residents who are mentally and physically capable of evacuating the facility unassisted in an emergency. They must be capable of following directions and not need routine attendance during sleeping hours. 

A Type B facility may admit residents that require staff assistance to evacuate in an emergency. Residents may need assistance transferring to and from the bed, need routine attendance during sleeping hours, and be incapable of following directions. 

Personal care services and medication administration may be offered in either Type A or B. Skilled nursing services may be offered for limited purposes. Third-party contract support services are allowed. 

For single bed-rooms in a Type A facility, at least 80 sq. ft. must be provided. Shared rooms must offer at least 60 sq. ft. per resident. Type B facilities must offer a minimum of 100 sq. ft. per bed in a single room and at least 80 sq. ft. per bed in a shared room. There is a maximum of 4 residents per unit allowed. At most, 50% of residents may be in units with more than 2 residents. 

Every bedroom is to be served by separate, private, connecting, or general toilet rooms based on gender.  At least 1 water closet, lavatory, and bath/shower must be provided on every sleeping floor. There must be at least 1 water closet and 1 lavatory per 6 residents as well as 1 bath/shower per 10 residents. 

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