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In Tennessee, there are Assisted Care Living Facilities (ACLFs) and Residential Homes for the Aged (RHA). Both provide assistance with personal care to older persons. However, ACLFs may provide a higher level of care including the distribution of medical services. 

ACLRFs offer room, board, and personal services to 4 or more unrelated elderly adults or adults with disabilities. Each individual’s medical and personal needs are met safely and effectively in the least restrictive and most independent way. In this home-like environment, residents may age in place in a relatively permanent home. Medical services and oversight are provided. Administration of medication, intermittent or part-time nursing care, therapy, medical supplies and equipment, hospice services, and podiatry care may be offered. Personal care includes assistance with activities of daily living, laundry, intervention when needed, dietary services, telephone, reading materials, and common areas for visits and activities. 

In an RHA, the same personal services and care as ACLFs are offered, without nursing or medical care. Residents must self-administer medications. The personal services must be provided by the staff of the home. Assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming are included as well as 3 meals per day. RHAs may not admit anyone whose needs cannot be met by the home. 

Both types of facilities must provide a minimum of 80 sq. ft. of bedroom space per resident. There is a maximum of 2 beds per bedroom. Curtains or privacy screens are to be used when requested. There must be at least one toilet, lavatory, and bath/shower per 6 residents. 

In shared areas such as living rooms and dining areas, enough space to accommodate all residents must be provided. Dining areas are required to offer at least 15 sq. ft. per resident. 

Each facility must have a sufficient number of staff to resident ratio. An administrator and an identified responsible attendant must be employed in each as well. An attendant must be awake, on duty, and on the premises at all times. For an ACLF there must also be a licensed nurse available as needed and a qualified dietician. 

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