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Assisted Living Centers in South Dakota are any institutions, rest homes, boarding homes, buildings, or agencies that provide personal care and services beyond basic food, shelter, and laundry. Secured units with environments promoting safety and maximizing functioning abilities in areas of the facilities may also be offered. 

These facilities must provide supportive services for activities as well as offer the availability of physician services. Spiritual needs may also be met, individualized to each resident. Limited skilled nursing is allowed, with a planned end date. Skilled nursing or rehabilitation must be less than 8 hours a day and less than 28 hours a week. Third-party contracts are allowed with compliance to facility care policies.

Residents must be in reasonably good health, with no chronic illness or communicable disease. Supervision and limited hands-on physical assistance is provided to help with normal daily and instrumental activities. 

Private living units must offer at least 120 sq. ft. in each single-bedroom and 200 sq. ft. in each double-bed room. Bedrooms designed as a suite must have at least 100 sq. ft. in each single-bedroom and 140 sq. ft. in each double-bed room. There is a maximum of 2 occupants per resident unit. A minimum dimension of 9’6” is required in a sleeping room. 

Bathrooms must be directly accessible for each resident. Renovated or remodeled buildings must offer 1 bathroom serving 2 resident rooms, but no more than 4 beds. In new construction, a bathroom must not be shared between resident rooms. 

The overall daily function of each facility must be managed by a designated administrator. Sufficient staff must be in place to provide effective care to residents. A minimum of .8 hours of direct resident care must be provided per resident for each 24 hour period. There must be at least 1 staff person awake and on duty at all times. 

South Dakota is most famously known as the home of Mount Rushmore. It is the 5th smallest state by population with around 885,000 people residing there. An estimated 16.6% are aged 65 or older. 

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