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Known as Community Residential Care Facilities (CRCFs) in South Carolina, these facilities provide room, board, and a degree of personal care for 24 or more hours to 2 or more adults over 18 who are unrelated to the owner. Family and community involvement, as well as privacy and independence, is encouraged. Some facilities may also offer a beneficial or protected environment for individuals with mental illness or disabilities. 

Core services included in these facilities are at least 3 meals per day plus snacks, housekeeping, medication assistance, transportation to medical appointments, and assistance with eating, walking, bathing, dressing, and toileting. Short term (14 days or less) intermittent nursing care is allowed by a third-party home health nurse. 

Residents in need of daily skilled monitoring or observation, intravenous medications or fluids, or who have a complex medical condition may not be admitted. Only residents whose needs can be met by the accommodations and services offered by the facility may be admitted. 

Private rooms must offer a minimum of 100 sq. ft. per unit. Shared rooms must offer a minimum of 80 sq. ft. per resident. Up to 3 residents may share a room. Per licensed bed, there must be 20 sq. ft. of living and recreational areas combined. This excludes halls, kitchen, dining rooms, bathrooms, etc. At least 15 sq. ft. of floor space per bed is also needed in the dining room. 

One toilet and lavatory is required per 6 residents. One tub/shower is required per 8 residents. 

Known as the “Palmetto State”, South Carolina is home to the popular tourist spot Myrtle Beach. This state is also known for its Civil War reenactments and rich history. Of the over 5.1 million people residing in this southern state, almost 18% are aged 65 or older. 

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