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Assisted Living Residences in Rhode Island are classified based on levels of fire code and medication classifications. Alzheimer Dementia Special Care Units/Programs, or Limited Health Services are some of these classifications. 

Assisted Living Residences are privately or publicly operated residences providing direct or indirect personal assistance and limited health services. Housing and meals are provided to 6 or more adults unrelated to the operator. 

Each residence is licensed with fire code and a medication classification. Level 1 licensure is for residents incapable of self-preservation. Level 2 is for residents who are capable of self-preservation. 

The Alzheimer Dementia Special Care Unit Program licensure is when one or more resident’s symptoms affect their functioning on specified criteria, or if a residence advertises special dementia services; or if a residence segregates individuals with dementia. Dementia care licensure must be at Level 1. 

Depending on their licensure classification; assistance with daily activities, assistance with or administration of medication, arrangements for support services, and monitoring of recreational, social, and personal activities may be provided. Some residences may offer limited health services as well. Third-party services are allowed at the resident’s expense with compliance with their contract. 

Private rooms must offer a minimum of 100 sq. ft. in the area and be at least 8 ft. wide. Shared rooms must offer a minimum of 160 sq. ft. in the area and be at least 10 ft. wide. Bathrooms and closets are excluded from sq. ft. requirements. A maximum of 2 occupants per bedroom is allowed. At least one toilet per 8 residents is required, as well as one bath/shower per 10 residents. 

Rhode Island is the smallest state by size in the United States. With just over a million people, It is the 7th least populated state, but also the 2nd most densely populated state. Over 17% of the population of Rhode Island ages 65 or older. 

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