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In Pennsylvania, assisted living facilities are licensed as Personal Care Homes or Assisted Living Residences. They each offer a different level of care, as well as types of housing provided.

Personal Care Homes provide food, shelter, assistance, and supervision for a period of more than 24 hours to 4 or more adults unrelated to the operator. These adults may need assistance due to age, physical disability, mental illness, or intellectual disability. However, this type of home does not offer nursing home care. Assistance with activities of daily living are provided as well as instrumental activities of daily living and medication administration.

Resident bedrooms in Personal Care Homes must contain at least 80 sq. ft. per private room or 60 sq. ft. per resident in shared rooms. Shared bedrooms with one mobility need residents must have at least 100 sq. ft. per resident to allow for equipment and walking devices. A maximum of 4 residents per shared bedroom is allowed. A bathroom with a toilet, sink, and mirror is required per 6 or fewer users. At least 1 bath or shower must be provided per 10 or fewer users. 

In an Assisted Living Residence, a higher level of care is offered. Food, shelter, assistance, supervision, and supplemental health care are provided for a period of more than 24 hours to 4 or more adults unrelated to the operator. These individuals may require assistance with dressing, bathing, and eating. Financial management, evacuation in case of an emergency, and assistance with self-administration of medication are also provided. In addition, nutritious meals and snacks, housekeeping, and laundry services must be offered. Hospice service, physical therapy, occupational therapy, skilled nursing, etc. must also be provided or arranged. 

These Assisted Living Residences built after 1/18/11 must provide at least 225 sq. ft. per private living unit. Shared units must provide 300 sq. ft. Bathroom and closet space is excluded. Residents are not required to share units unless they request to. A maximum of 2 occupants may share a room. Each living unit must have its own full bath with toilet, sink, mirror, and bath/shower. At least one handicapped-accessible public bathroom must be provided close to common areas. Every bathroom must have an emergency system to alert staff. 

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