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The state of Oregon provides both Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care Facilities. General licensing is the same for either, though the building requirements differ. 

Assisted Living Facilities may be a building or complex, offering self-contained living units to 6 or more seniors and adults with disabilities. A private apartment, kitchenette, and bath must be provided. For new construction, private units require at least 220 sq. ft. of livable space – excluding the bathroom. For renovated units, at least 160 sq. ft. of livable space must be provided. Shared rooms may be permitted for couples or when requested by residents. 

Residential Care Facilities may be a building or complex, offering a shared living arrangement in addition to individual units. A minimum of 80 sq. ft. must be offered per resident per shared room. A minimum of 3 feet must be allowed between beds. No more than 2 residents per room is permitted. Bathrooms may be located off shared corridors. There must be at least 1 toilet facility per 6 residents. 

In both types of facilities, services are available on a 24 hours basis. They must offer or coordinate support with activities of daily living, social activities, and health needs. These facilities offer a program approach, promoting resident self-direction and participation. An emphasis is put on choice, individuality, dignity, and independence. 

Individuals in need of all levels of care are permitted. The minimum required services are 3 nutritious meals and snacks per day, personal services, laundry, daily social and recreational activities, housekeeping, medication administration, and assistance with activities of daily living. 

Each facility must offer transportation for medical and social services, as well as other services necessary for each resident. 

There are no staffing ratio requirements, however, each facility must have a full-time administrator on-site at least 40 hours per week. Sufficient staff to care for the 24 hour scheduled and unscheduled needs of residents is needed. 

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