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Known as Assisted Living Centers in Oklahoma, these facilities are homes or establishments which offer or arrange for services for 2 or more persons. These persons need assistance with personal care or nursing supervision, either by choice or functional impairment. 

Intermittent nursing care, medication assistance, and assistance with transfer/ambulation are permitted. Qualified staff for medication administration must be provided or arranged as needed. Assistance with cognitive impairment, as well as care for Alzheimer’s or other dementias may be provided as well. 

Third-party contracts are allowed. Home healthcare, hospice, and recurring nursing care may be obtained by residents or their families. The Assisted Living Center must monitor and assure the delivery of contracted services. However, a  resident may not be admitted who requires more services or care than the center can appropriately provide. 

Though there are no set square footage requirements, rooms shall be appropriate for the mental or physical disabilities of the residents. In addition, a maximum of 2 residents may occupy each unit. 

At least 1 bath/shower and toilet facility must be provided per 4 residents. Some exceptions may apply. No more than 1 resident may use a bathing facility at one time. 

If a center has a program to limit residential access to areas outside the designated unit or program, at least 2 staff members must be on duty and awake at all times. One of these staff members must be in the restricted egress unit at all times. 

Oklahoma is known as the “Sooner State” and popular for producing beef cattle. The capital and largest city is Oklahoma City. About 4 million Oklahomans reside here, with almost 16% being 65 or older. In 1907, it became America’s 46th state. 

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