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In Ohio, the terms Assisted Living and Residential Care are used interchangeably. These facilities may offer 1 of 2 accommodations. They may be a home offering supervision and personal care services for 17 or more unrelated individuals, with 3 or more residents dependent upon the services of others due to physical or mental impairment or age. Or, they may offer supervision and personal care services to 3 or more unrelated individuals with at least 3 of those residents dependent upon the services of others due to physical or mental impairment or age. At least one of those residents would also be in need of skilled nursing care. 

Assistance with self-administered medication, dressing changes, and nutrition supervision may also be provided. Individuals needing part-time enteral feedings are admissible.  Up to 120 days of intermittent, part-time skilled nursing services are also permitted. Hospice residents also in need of skilled nursing or residents in need of routine skilled nursing may not be permitted. 

Specific requirements are issued for special care units offering services for residents with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive impairments. Special care units may be all or part of a facility and must be indicated at the time of licensing.

Private living units must provide at least 100 sq. ft. of usable space. At least 80 sq.

1. per resident is required in shared units. A maximum of 4 residents may occupy a unit. Square footage requirements exclude closets and bathrooms.

At least 1 toilet, sink, and bath/shower must be provided per 8 residents. If more than 4 residents of one gender reside on one floor and share a bathroom, a bathroom for each gender must be offered. Newer facilities shall have a bathroom for each living unit. 

Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ohio is also the birthplace of The Wright Brothers and Steven Spielberg, as well as many famous athletes. With a whopping 11.7 million people living in Ohio, it ranks at #7 in the U.S. for most populated. About 17% are 65 or older. 

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