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In North Dakota, assisted living facilities are known as Basic Care Facilities (BCF) or Assisted Living Facilities (ALF). The main differences between the two are that only BCFs are required to provide meals and they are not certified to participate with Medicare or Medicaid. 

BCFs provide room and board to 5 or more residents unrelated to the owner or manager. Services are provided on a 24-hour basis. Either directly or through the contract, services provided include assistance with activities of daily living, social and personal care, recreational and therapeutic activities, medication administration, and supervision of nutritional needs. Maintenance of living quarters as well as arrangements for healthcare and transportation are also provided. The highest level of individual functioning is supported. 

ALFs must contain at least 5 living units operating as one entity providing services to 5 or more individuals. Residents may not be related in any way to the owner or manager. These facilities provide or arrange for individualized support services for their residents based on needs and ability. Independence is encouraged. Residents are only required to pay for services that they choose. Individuals with cognitive or physical impairments may be permitted. 

At BCFs, usually semi-private rooms are offered. These rooms must offer a minimum of 80 sq. ft. per resident. Private rooms (if applicable) require at least 100 sq. ft. At least 1 toilet must be provided per 4 residents. For every 15 residents, a bath/shower must be provided. 

Although ALFs do not have specific square footage requirements, most units are 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. These apartments offer a sleeping area, private full bathroom, and an entry door that can be locked. A maximum of 2 residents may occupy each bedroom. 

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