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In North Carolina, the term Assisted Living Residence (ALR) includes what are known as Adult Care Homes (ACH) and Multi-Unit Assisted Housing with Services Facilities (MAHS). All Assisted Living Residences provide group housing as well as personal care, housekeeping, and at least one meal per day. Nursing services may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. 

Adult Care Homes are licensed based on size. Homes caring for 2-6 residents are known as Family Care Homes, while those caring for 7 or more are referred to as Adult Care Homes. These homes offer 24-hour personal care services for residents either scheduled or unscheduled, as well as supervision and monitoring. Transportation, activities, and housekeeping must be provided. The home may offer care directly or through licensed home care or hospice agency. Some ACHs may also provide supervision to individuals with cognitive impairments. However, individuals in need of alcohol or drug abuse treatment, maternity care, or treatment for mental illness are not permitted. Persons who meet the criteria for nursing home care are also not permitted. 

At MAHSs housing, management is in charge of arranging hands-on personal care and nursing services, provided by licensed home care or hospice agencies. Individualized written care plans are in place. Residents may choose any provider they wish for their personal care and nursing services. Providers may not offer care to individuals needing 24-hour supervision. In addition, individuals with ventilator dependency, nasogastric tubes, airborne infectious diseases, or other complications that cannot be met by MAHSs are not permitted. 

In ACHs, at least 100 sq. ft. of usable space must be offered per private room. For shared rooms, 80 sq. ft. minimum must be offered to each resident. These requirements exclude bathrooms and closet space. Limit of 2 occupants per room if licensed after July 1, 2004. 

At least 1 toilet and sink must be provided per 5 residents. At least 1 shower/tub is required per 10 residents. 

MAHSs have no specified requirements for square footage, maximum occupants per room, or bathroom availability. 

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