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Adult-Care Facilities in New York vary by level of care. Facilities with the highest level of care are Assisted Living Residences for Adults. Next are Enriched Housing Programs, and last is known as Adult Homes. These facilities provide supervision and personal care of varying degrees to individuals with functional and/or cognitive impairments. 

An Assisted Living Residence for Adults provides a homelike setting with on-site monitoring to 5 or more adults. Personal care and/or home care services are provided, along with respect and privacy. Independence is promoted, consistent with the resident’s mental and physical states. An individual service plan, as well as case management and daily food service, are also provided. An Enhanced Assisted Living certification may be obtained for part of or a whole residence. This would allow “aging in place” to be carried out on-premises. 

Enriched Housing Programs provide long-term residential care to 5 or more adults aged 65 or over. These community settings resemble independent housing units. Single occupancy units must be offered unless residents request to share. A minimum of 85 sq. ft. of usable space must be provided for single rooms. Double rooms must offer at least 140 sq. ft. of usable space not including closets or bathrooms. At least one toilet, lavatory, and shower/tub is required per 3 residents. Kitchenettes are provided, as well as housekeeping, supervision, and personal care. Assistance with self-administered medication is also provided. 

An Adult Home offers long term residential care, housing, meal service, housekeeping, personal care, and supervision to 5 or more adults who are unrelated to the operator. Case management, activities, and assistance with self-administered medication are also offered. Single or double occupancy may be provided. Single rooms are required to have at least 100 sq. ft. of usable space. For double occupancy, there must be at least 160 sq. ft. of usable space not including bathrooms or closets. At least 1 toilet and lavatory is required per 6 residents. One tub/shower is required per 10 residents. 

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