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In New Mexico, Assisted Living Facilities are defined as providing programmatic services as well as room and board. In addition, assistance with one or more activities of daily living must be provided to 2 or more individuals. Occasional nursing care for adults with physical or mental disabilities may also be offered. 

Third-party hospice and home health care are allowed. However, residents requiring 24-hour continuous nursing care may not be permitted. This does not apply to hospice residents. Residents with ventilator dependency or who are in need of nasogastric tubes, tracheostomy care, chemical or physical restraints, or who suffer from other conditions where placement in the facility is not appropriate may not be retained. 

Administration of medication may be provided by a licensed healthcare professional to residents of these facilities. 

Facilities that provide a memory care unit must provide added security, enhanced programming, and a sufficient number of trained staff. 

For residential units, a minimum of 100 sq. ft. per private unit is required. A minimum of 80 sq. ft. per resident is required for shared rooms. At most 2 residents are allowed per unit.  At least one toilet, sink, and the bathing unit must be provided per 8 residents. A bathing unit must provide a tub and shower or combination, for resident preferences. A handicap accessible bathroom which allows for a bathing preference must be provided per every 30 residents in facilities with 4 or more residents. 

Assisted Living Facilities must have a full-time administrator on staff. One staff person is required to be on duty and awake for every 15 or fewer awake residents. There are staffing ratios in place. 

Popular for its resorts and spas, New Mexico is also home to the Bandera Volcano and Ice Caves. An estimated 2.1 million people live in this southwestern state, with approximately 17.5% being aged 65 or older. 

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