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New Jersey has 3 types of assisted living services: Assisted Living Residences (new construction), Comprehensive Personal Care Homes (converted residential boarding homes), and Assisted Living Programs (agencies providing services to tenants of subsidized housing). 

Assisted Living Residences to provide apartment-style housing and assisted living services when needed for 4 or more adults unrelated to the proprietor. Apartment units consist of 1 unfurnished room, a private bathroom, and a kitchenette. A lockable door at the unit entrance is required. 

Comprehensive Personal Care Homes provide room and board. Assisted living services are provided as needed to 4 or more adults unrelated to the proprietor. Residential units house no more than 2 occupants per unit and must provide a lock on the unit entrance. 

Assisted Living Programs may arrange for meals and assisted living services, but may not be licensed as an assisted living residence.

In general, these facilities provide supportive personal and health services 24 hours per day. Assistance with dining, personal care, activities, pharmacy, and social work as needed may be provided. Nursing services must be provided to residents, including residents in need of nursing home level care. Third-party contracts with licensed home health agencies are permitted. 

For new construction, alterations, or renovations, a minimum of 150 sq. ft. of usable space per private unit is required. An additional 80 sq. ft. per additional resident is also required. Closets, kitchenettes, hallways, bathrooms, foyers, etc. are excluded from the required square footage. There is a maximum of 2 residents per unit. A bathroom with a toilet, sink, and tub/shower must be provided in each unit. Additional toilet facilities must be supplied in other areas for staff, visitors, and residents use. 

Known for the beautiful Jersey Shore and its proximity to NYC, New Jersey is the 4th smallest state by area yet the 11th most populated. The “Garden State” is home to almost 9 million people. About 16% of those residents are 65 or older. 

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