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Assisted living facilities in New Hampshire are put into 2 categories. Assisted Living Residences – Residential Care (ALR-RC)  and Supported Residential Health Care Facilities (SRHCF).

SRHCFs are long term care residences. They provide personal assistance, along with social and health services as needed. Nursing services requiring 24-hour supervision are not offered. Some facilities may offer short term care to individuals recovering from an illness. These residents must be capable of self-evacuation. 

In an ALR-RC, long term residential care in a home or home-like setting is provided. Minimal assistance in personal and social activities is offered. Minimum health care and supervision are also provided. 

Both categories of assisted living provide similar core services such as; housekeeping, food services, laundry, assistance with medication, and availability of on-site activities. Health and safety services, 24-hour protective care and oversight, emergency response, crisis intervention, and assistance with arranging medical and dental appointments are also provided in both types of facilities. SRHCFs must also provide access to behavioral health care, nursing services, and rehabilitation services. 

SRHCFs with 16 or fewer residents must offer at least 80 sq. ft. per private room and 160 sq. ft. per double room. Facilities with 17 or more residents must offer at least 100 sq. ft. per private room and 80 sq. ft. per semi-private room. 

For ALC-RCs, at least 100 sq. ft. must be offered in private rooms. For semi-private rooms at least 80 sq. ft. per resident must be offered. 

Additionally, SRCHFs licensed before 10/25/06 and ALC-RCs licensed before April 2008 are required to provide 80 sq. ft. per private room and 70 sq. ft. per resident for shared rooms. 

A maximum of 2 occupants are allowed per unit. Square footage guidelines are exclusive of space needed for closets, wardrobes, or bathrooms. There must be at least one toilet, sink, and tub/shower for every 6 residents. 

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