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Known as Residential Facilities for Groups, these homes generally care for elderly individuals or individuals with physical disabilities. Specialized facilities may care for individuals with

Alzheimer’s, dementia, mental illness, or chronic illness. 

These facilities provide meals and snacks, housing, assistance, and 24 hour limited supervision. Assistance with daily activities is included, as well as laundry and housekeeping. Third party home health and hospice services are permitted. 

Private living units must provide at least 80 sq. ft. of usable living space. In shared rooms, each resident must be given at least 60 sq. ft. of floor space. Up to 3 occupants are allowed per unit. At least 1 toilet and lavatory must be provided per 4 residents. One tub/shower must be provided per 6 residents. 

Although there are no staffing ratios, there must be an administrator and sufficient staff in each facility. At least 1 staff member must always be awake and on duty. In specialized Alzheimer’s units, locked quarters are allowed. All exit doors must have buzzers, alarms, horns, or other audible devices installed to activate when opened. There may be a maximum of 6 residents per caregiver when residents are awake. Proper training must be completed. 

Nevada is known for its gambling and casinos in the notorious cities of Las Vegas and Reno. It’s also home to Area 51 and Lake Tahoe. Over 3 million people reside in Nevada, enjoying the beautiful state parks and forests. Nearly 16% of those residents are ages 65 or older. 

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