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In Nebraska, Assisted Living Facilities are defined as residential settings offering assisted living services to 4 or more individuals living on-premise. Dwellings may have apartment-style housing or a dormitory-like structure. Residents may not be related to the owner. 

These facilities offer housing, 3 meals per day, 24-hour access to staff, and support with activities of daily living. Health maintenance activities as well as periodic resident assessments are also provided. Personal care offered may include bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, dressing, nail care, etc. 

Other services provided maybe laundry and housekeeping, transportation, spiritual services, and financial management. Complex nursing interventions may be offered intermittently. They may not exceed 10 hours per week per resident, for a time of 21 days. Third-party private services are permissible. 

Assisted Living Facilities must provide private rooms which enable sleeping and privacy as well as access to personal belongings and appropriate treatments. There must be a minimum of 80 sq. ft. per private unit and at least 60 sq. ft per person in shared rooms. For new facilities, 100 sq. ft. per private unit is required and 80 sq. ft. per person in shared rooms. In existing facilities, the maximum number of occupants per room is 4, while new facilities may not exceed 2 residents per room. 

A bathing room with a tub/shower must be adjacent to each unit or be provided as a central bathing room. There must be at least 1 bathing facility per 16 residents. In new facilities, 1 bathing facility per 8 residents is required. One toilet and sink per 6 beds is also required. New facilities need 1 toilet and sink per 4 beds. Also in new construction, there must be 1 toilet room adjoining each resident’s bedroom.

Nebraska is commonly known as the “Cornhusker State” for its abundant crops of corn. In addition to the almost 2 million people residing here, 15.7% being 65 or older, this state is also home to the 8 story tall Lied Jungle at the Henry Doorly Zoo. It is the largest indoor rainforest in the United States. 

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