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The state of Montana offers Assisted Living Facilities to individuals in need of supportive health and services. These facilities are meant for elderly, frail, or disabled adults. In addition, these residential settings are to provide or coordinate 24-hour personal assistance and care. Health-related services and activities, with an emphasis on privacy, individuality, and independence are offered. Depending on different levels of care needed, Assisted Living Facilities are licensed as Categories A, B, or C. Third-party providers are permitted for health care services at all facilities. 

Category facilities must provide food and housing, along with laundry, housekeeping, and transportation. Help with daily activities is offered to an extent. Assistance with self-medication, recreational activities, and arranging medical appointments are all included. Short term skilled nursing is available for acute illnesses. Skilled care may not exceed 30 days per illness or 120 days per year. 

In Category B facilities, skilled nursing care may be provided for 5 or less individuals. They may offer care to residents needing assistance with 4 or more activities of daily living. 

Category C facilities provide care to individuals with a severe cognitive impairment which leaves them unable to express a need or make their own basic care decisions. 

There must be at least 100 sq. ft. of living space offered in private units. At least 80 sq. ft. per person is required in shared rooms. A maximum of 4 occupants are allowed in existing shared units. In new construction or rooms with individuals with severe cognitive impairment, only 2 occupants are allowed per room. 

At least 1 toilet and sink are required per 4 residents, and at least 1 bathing facility per 12 residents. Bathrooms must be easily accessible to all, without having to enter another resident’s room or any shared living areas. 

Montana is the 4th largest state in the U.S. yet only the 44th by population. Just over 1 million people call Montana home, with almost 19% of them aged 65 or older. 

Known as “Big Sky Country”, Montana is popular for its grassy plains and large mountains. 

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