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In Missouri, there are Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care Facilities. Both facilities are governed by the same rules, with some provisions. The primary difference being that in Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), residents may be accepted who need a higher level of assistance to evacuate the facility. At Residential Care Facilities (RCFs), individuals must be capable of evacuating without assistance. 

An ALF is characterized as any premises besides RCFs, skilled nursing facilities, or intermediate care facilities that provide 24-hour care, services, and protective oversight to 3 or more individuals. Housing and dietary services, along with the assistance of daily and instrumental activities are included. The storage and administration of medication is also provided, as well as supervision of health care under a licensed physician. Residents may be admitted who have a physical, cognitive, or other impairment that needs more than minimal assistance. 

At a RCF 24 hour care, services, and protective oversight are also included for 3 or more individuals. Housing and dietary services are included. Care for a short term illness or recuperation is permitted. However, residents need to be both physically and mentally capable of getting to safety unassisted when needed. 

In both types of facilities at least 70 square feet of living space per occupant is required per unit. The maximum number of beds per unit is 4. At least 1 bath/shower is required per 20 residents or a major fraction of 20. At least 1 toilet and lavatory are needed per 6 residents or a major fraction of 6. 

At an ALF and a RCF II, there must be an appointed administrator licensed by the MO Board of Nursing Home Administrators to manage the facility. At a RCF I a manager must be appointed that is either currently licensed or has completed the LIMA course. There are also staffing patterns that must be followed, depending on the number of residents. 

The popular cities of St. Louis and Kansas City are found in Missouri. It’s also known as the “Show Me State” and the birthplace of Budweiser. Missouri is bordered by 8 different states and is called home by over 6 million people. Approximately 17% of those people are aged 65 or older. 

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