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Assisted living facilities in Minnesota are known as Comprehensive Home Care Providers in a Registered Housing with Services Establishment. The phrase “assisted living” is actually restricted to registered housing establishments providing certain services. 

In these establishments, 24/7 staff access with an on-call registered nurse is provided. Plans are in place to check on each resident daily, as well as it means for individuals to request assistance. Staff must respond to health and safety needs 24/7. Two meals per day are required as well as weekly laundry and housekeeping. Assistance with medications and at least 3 activities of daily living are also included. These daily activities may be; bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, transferring, grooming, or continence care. Home care providers may establish which services they will and will not provide  

Establishments offering housing and services must provide sleeping accommodations to one or more occupants. One or more health related services must be regularly offered, as well as 2 or more recurring supportive services. These supportive services can be laundry, assisting with personal funds and accounts, or arranging transportation to medical appointments or social services.

Special care units may also be offered for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder. These units have specific requirements.  

There is no state minimum for square footage in private rooms. Units may be shared by residents. There is no maximum number of residents that may share a room. Pertaining to bathrooms, there are also no set resident ratios.

Known as the “Bread and Butter State” and the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Minnesota has a vast mix of wilderness. Natural beauty like hiking trails, waterways, and historic sites make up this northern state. It’s also home to the Mall of America, with over 9.5 million sq.ft of space. The population of Minnesota is over 5.6 million, with almost 16% being aged 65 or older. They have been seeing a massive growth in their elderly population. 

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