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In the state of Michigan, assisted living facilities are known as Adult Foster Care or Home for the Aged. A Home for the Aged provides care to adults 55 and older. Adult Foster Care may care for any adult that needs their services. 

A Home for the Aged is defined as a supervised personal care facility. Not to be confused with a hotel, nursing home, medical care facility, or adult foster care facility. Each Home for the Aged may provide housing and personal care to 21 or more unrelated adults. Homes caring for less than 20 individuals are allowed if operating in conjunction with a licensed nursing home. 

These homes are required to offer at least 80 sq. ft. of usable living space in each single resident room. New construction requires 100 sq. ft of usable living space per single room. Shared rooms must provide at least 70 sq. ft per bed or 80 sq. ft per bed for new construction. New construction refers to buildings built after November 14, 1969. A maximum of 4 beds are allowed per bedroom unless continuously licensed since April of 1994. A minimum of 1 lavatory is required per 8 residents. At least 1 bathing facility is to be provided per 15 residents. 

Adult Foster Care is defined as being a residential setting that provides housing, personal care, supervision, and protection. Care is provided to no more than 20 unrelated individuals who are aged, physically or developmentally disabled, or mentally ill. This care must be given 24 hours per day, for at least 5 days per week, for 2 or more consecutive weeks for compensation.

At Adult Foster Care, each bedroom must have at least 65 sq. ft. of usable floor space per resident bed. A maximum of 4 beds are allowed per room unless continuously licensed since April of 1994. There is a required minimum of 1 toilet, lavatory, and bathing facility per 8 occupants. There must be at least one bathroom on each floor that has resident bedrooms. 

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