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In Massachusetts, assisted living facilities are called Assisted Living Residences. These residences offer room and board, meals, and care services to 3 or more adults unrelated to their care provider. Assistance with meals, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and medication reminders are provided. Medical and nursing care are not provided. Instead, residents may have assistance 24 hours in a residential and non-institutional living environment. 

There are no required minimums for square footage in living units. However, single or double occupancy units with lockable doors must be offered. These units must include a kitchenette or access to a refrigerator, sink, and cooking element. A maximum of 2 residents are allowed per unit. 

Facilities built after 1995 are required to have at least 1 private bathroom with a sink, toilet, and one bath/shower per living unit. Other residences must provide at least a private half bath with a sink and a toilet in each unit. At least one bath/shower is required per 3 residents. 

An Assisted Living Residence may designate part or all of a facility as a Special Care Residence. These residences may provide a higher level of support and service to individuals with personalized needs. 

Each facility is required to have a manager and a service plan coordinator on staff. There shall be sufficient staff to care for residents and be able to respond promptly 24 hours per day. While there are no set staffing ratios, each facility is to have at least 1 staff member on site 24 hours a day. For Special Care Residences, there must be at least 2 staff members on-site at all times. 

Famous for the Salem Witch Trials and the Boston Tea Party, Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies. Though it’s the 7th smallest state in the country, Massachusetts is the 3rd most densely populated area with an estimated 7 million residents. About 16.5% of those residents are 65 or older. 

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