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In Maryland, assisted living facilities are commonly known as Assisted Living Programs. These programs are residential or facility-based, providing housing and supportive services. Supervision, personal assistance, health services, assistance with daily activities, and assistance with instrumental activities are offered. Independence is encouraged. 

Although there is no required minimum occupancy for Assisted Living Programs, related institutions are defined as needing two or more residents. In these programs, three levels of care can be provided. These levels are low, moderate, and high. In low and moderate care, the staff is required to assist with at least 2 or more activities of daily living for their residents. 

Third-party home health services are allowed. However, Assisted Living Programs may not admit residents that need more than intermittent nursing care, ventilators, or skilled monitoring. Some other conditions are also not admissible. 

Private rooms for housing must have a minimum of 80 sq. ft. of usable living space. Double occupancy rooms must offer at least 120 sq. ft. per occupant. A maximum of 2 residents per unit is allowed, with some exceptions. There must be a minimum of 1 toilet to every 4 residents. A minimum of 1 shower/bath must also be provided per 8 residents. If a program offers services to more than 50 individuals, an emergency back-up generator able to work for 48 hours must be on premise. 

Although there are no set staffing ratios, there must be a staffing plan in place. There must be sufficient on-site staff for the 24 hour needs of residents. An assisted living manager or alternate must also be on-site or on-call and available at all times. 

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