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In Maine, assisted living facilities are referred to as Assisted Housing Programs. This includes  Assisted Living Programs, Level I, II, III, and IV Residential Care Facilities, and Private NonMedical Institutions.

Assisted Living Programs provide assistance and service to residents in private apartment buildings with common dining areas. Services may either be provided by the facility or by a third party. Types 1 and 2 are distinguished by different requirements involving medication administration. 

A Resident Care Facility is a house or other dwelling used wholly or partially for providing residents with assisted living services. Housing is offered as private or semi-private bedrooms in buildings with shared living and dining areas. For facilities licensed on or after May 29, 1998, private bedrooms need at least 100 sq. ft., while shared bedrooms must accommodate at least 80 sq. ft. per occupant. A maximum of 2 residents are allowed per unit. There must be at least 1 bathroom per 6 users. 

Level I is based on a capacity of 1-2 residents. Levels II and III are for 3-6 residents. Lastly, Level IV is for more than 6 residents. For Level IV, at least 1 bathing facility per 15 users is required. 

Private NonMedical Institutions are a type of residential care that receives Medicaid funding for its services. These institutions have the same requirements as the Residential Care Facilities. 

Personal supervision, dietary services, nursing services, assistance with daily activities, as well as other services are provided at these facilities. Sufficient staffing must be available to provide a safe setting and implement services. However, only Level IV has staffing ratio requirements. 

Maine is the northernmost state in the northeastern U.S and is popular for its lobster. Known as “The Pine Tree State”, 89% of the state’s land area is covered in forest. 

The population is just an estimated 1.37 million people. With almost 21% of their residents being 65 and over though, Maine takes the #1 spot for the highest percentage of elderly citizens in a state. They also have the highest median age in the country – at 44.9 years. 

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