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Assisted living facilities in Louisiana are best known as Adult Residential Care Providers. Such providers are defined as a facility, agency, corporation, residence, or other groups that provides adult residential care for compensation. These facilities must care for two or more adults, unrelated to the owner or operator. A minimum of housing, meals, and assistance with daily activities are to be provided at every level. 

There are 4 levels of adult care in the state of Louisiana. Level 1 are personal care homes. Level 2 are shelter care homes. Assisted living facilities are at Level 3, and Level 4 are adult residential care. 

At Level 1, care is provided for 2 to 8 residents in a single-family style dwelling. Level 2 offers care for 9 to 16 residents. These Level 2 facilities do not need to provide independent apartments. A congregate setting is allowed. Level 1 and 2 facilities shall have 100 sq. ft. of living space per single occupancy bedroom. Shared rooms must have at least 70 sq. ft. of living space for each resident. There must be at least 1 bathroom per 4 residents. 

For Level 3 care facilities, residential care is given to 17 or more residents. Level 3 facilities must provide independent apartments including kitchenettes. Level 4 has the same guidelines as Level 3. Living space must consist of at least 250 sq. ft. for studio living style units. Units with separate bedrooms must have a living area of at least 190 sq. ft. (living area, kitchenette). Each bedroom must have at least 100 sq. ft. These apartments must come equipped with full private bathrooms as well as grab bars and non-skid surfacing for slippery areas.  

Adult Residential Care Providers must either provide or coordinate assistance with daily activities as well as assistance with instrumental activities of daily living. Meals, laundry, and socializing is provided or coordinated, along with regular access and transportation to community resources. Needed services are to be offered and provided, whether it be through the facility, a third party contracted provider, or the resident’s family. Only Level 4 may be provided intermittent nursing services as well. 

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