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Known as Certified Assisted Living Communities in the state of Kentucky, these facilities are considered private businesses. This means no public funding is provided for this type of service.

An Assisted Living Community is a community containing living units on one site which provides 5 or more individuals with services. Individuals must not be related to the owner or manager. 

Three meals plus snacks daily are to be provided to residents of the community. Assistance with daily living activities as well as instrumental activities are also provided. Scheduled daily social activities and assistance with self-administered medication should be made available. No administered medication, only assistance with self-administered medication permitted. Third-party arrangements for needed services are allowed. 

Each single occupancy room in an Assisted Living Community must provide at least 200 square feet. Double occupancy is allowed for spouses or mutual agreements only. The maximum number of residents per room is 2. Facilities built before July 14, 2000, do not have a required square footage minimum. 

While there are no stated staffing ratios, there must be sufficient staff to maintain the facility and care for residents 24/7. There must be a designated manager and/or an awake staff member on-site at all times. 

Kentucky is home to the popular Kentucky Derby and the nation’s oldest 9 hole golf course and country club. This “Bluegrass State” is also popular for its bourbon and moonshine. Kentucky’s population is close to 4.5 million people. An estimated 16.4% of that population is 65 and older. 

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