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In the state of Iowa, assisted living facilities are referred to as Assisted Living Programs and Dementia-specific Assisted Living Programs. These assisted living facilities provide housing with services and special care. Services may include health-related care, personal care, and assistance with daily activities. 

These home-like environments are home to 3 or more occupants and encourage tenant participation and involvement. Decision making with an emphasis on choice, dignity, privacy, independence, and individuality is also encouraged at these facilities. Staff supervision promoting safety and independence is offered 24 hours per day. 

Dementia-specific Assisted Living Programs serve fewer than 55 tenants or have 5 or more residents whose dementia ranges from stages 4-7 on the GDS. Some serve 55 or more tenants, with 10% or more residents with dementia in stages 4-7. Others generally provide specialized care in a dedicated setting to individuals with dementia.  

Assisted Living Programs may offer assistance for up to 4 daily living activities. RN or LPN nursing-related care may be provided on an intermittent basis, no longer than 28 hours per week. Third-party contract care for personal or health-related services is allowed. 

Programs being offered in facilities built after July 4, 2001, must be equipped with private single-occupancy units. These units are required to have at least 240 sq. ft. of living space. A minimum of 190 sq. ft is required for units being converted or rehabilitated. Double occupancy units must provide at least 340 sq. ft, while converted or rehabilitated structures require 290 sq. ft. of usable space. 

Single occupancy rooms are for a maximum of one resident. Double occupancy rooms may house 1 or 2 residents. Square footage determines whether rooms are single or double occupancy. Each unit must have a bathroom including a sink, toilet, and bath/shower. Bathrooms are not part of the living space square footage requirements. 

The state of Iowa, known for its corn and state fairs, is home to more than 3 million people. Over 17% of Iowa’s population are ages 65 and older. 

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