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Assisted living facilities in Illinois are commonly known as Assisted Living Establishments and Shared Housing Establishments. Though these establishments share one set of rules and guidelines, the assisted living must have single occupancy private apartments and shared housing does not. 

Shared housing establishments may care for 16 or fewer adults. Assisted living may care for at least 3 adults. Three meals per day are required, as well as housekeeping, laundry, and security. An emergency communication response system must also be in place. 

In these establishments, residents are provided with community-based care. At least 80% of these residents must be 55 or older and all must be unrelated to the owner. Assistance includes personal care, help with daily living activities, and health-related services. Services must be offered 24 hours a day as needed by residents in the facility. 

Third-party home health agencies are allowed under contract for residents that require their services. Medications must be self-administered. Staff may give reminders and monitor the use of medications. While there are no required staffing ratios, each facility must have a manager and sufficient staff to provide 24-hour care. 

In both types of establishments, housing units are individual units. However, in shared living, there is no maximum for sharing a room. For assisted living, residents may choose to share a unit. No more than 2 individuals may share a room. 

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