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Known as Assisted Living Facilities or Residential Care in the state of Idaho, these facilities are to provide services and maintain a healthy and safe living environment to its residents. By definition, these facilities are to offer housing, meals, personal assistance, and supervision to 3 or more adults unrelated to the owner. They may operate as either a profit or nonprofit business.

Assistance with all daily activities as well as all services required by residents must be offered. Residents may hire third parties for specific services if desired. Laundering, housekeeping, access to common areas, supervision, first aid, and assistance with medication must be given to residents.

Residents needing ongoing nursing and care must not be admitted or retained. This includes individuals who are comatose, require physical restraints, are on mechanically supported breathing systems, among other things. In addition, individuals with physical, social, or emotional needs not compatible with other residents may not be admitted. Residents considered a threat to themselves or others will also not be retained.

Private living spaces must contain at least 100 sq. ft. Shared quarters must contain at least 80 sq. ft per occupant. The maximum number of residents per room is two. One toilet is required per 6 residents. Up to 8 residents may share a shower/bath.

If the facility houses residents with dementia, staff must be properly trained in communication, symptoms, and behaviors of dementia. The facility must also offer an interior and exterior space that is safe for these individuals.

To ensure premium health, care, safety, and supervision, there must be sufficient staff to provide care during all hours. At least one staff member trained in CPR and First Aid must be in the facility at all times.

Best known for its potatoes, Idaho is also referred to as the Gem State. It is home to approximately 1.8 million people, with an estimated 15.9% being 65 and over.

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