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The two most common terms for assisted living facilities in Georgia are known as Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Communities. Although similar facilities, Assisted Living Communities (ALCs) have stricter guidelines and regulations than Personal Care Homes (PCHs).

ALCs are personal care homes that are licensed to provide assisted living care to 25 or more residents. Specialized care and services are offered, such as; personal services, administered medication, and the provision of assisted self-preservation. Individual care plans are also in place. Protective care and watchful oversight meeting the needs of the individuals are included. However, residents must be capable of participating in social and leisure activities, as well as actively contributing to transferring from place to place. 

A PCH is defined as any dwelling, profit or not, that commits to provide or arrange for housing, food service, and one or more personal services to 2 or more adults unrelated to the owner. Personal services must include 24-hour responsibility, as well as protective care and watchful oversight. Residents may not be bedridden or require incessant medical or nursing care. They must also be able to self-administer all medications, with few exceptions.

In both ALCs and PCHs, accommodations must include at least 80 sq. ft of living space per private unit. There is a maximum of 2 occupants per room in ALCs, and a maximum of 4 per room in a PCH. Specialized memory care units or homes allow 2 residents per unit. 

Common toilets and washrooms are permitted, however, ALCs must have separate toilets and lavatories for staff. 

In ALCs, community spaces must include accommodations for mobility devices on handrails, doorways, and corridors. Safe access for all residents is required. 

Georgia boasts almost 4 million people, with almost 14% being 65 and over. Best known as the Peach State, Georgia is also known as the “Goober State” and the “Empire State of the South”.

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