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Assisted Living Facilities in the state of Florida can range from 1 resident to hundreds. Services offered range from routine personal care to specialty services. These facilities are made to safely meet the continuing health care needs of their residents. 

An Assisted Living Facility in Florida is by definition a building or buildings, a section of a building, private home, boarding home, or home for the aged which provides meals, housing, and one or more personal services to one or more adults unrelated to the owner. These personal services exceed a 24 hour period and are designed to specifically meet each person’s needs. 

Each facility must provide supervision and assistance with daily activities along with social activities, transportation arrangements, and help with scheduling appointments. If a third party provider becomes necessary for specified care a facility administrator must coordinate. 

Private units are to offer at least 80 sq. ft of usable space. For multiple resident rooms, a 60 sq. ft minimum per person is required. Additionally, at least 35 sq. ft of living and dining space per resident is needed. One toilet and sink is acceptable per 6 residents, one bath/shower per 8 residents. 

Facilities built prior to Oct. 17, 1999, allow a maximum of 4 residents per shared unit. However, newly licensed or renovated facilities will allow only 2 residents per unit. 

Every Assisted Living Facility must have an administrator responsible for supervising and maintaining the facility. There is a minimum staffing ratio, dependent upon the number of residents. In homes with more than 17 residents, a staff member certified in first aid must be present at all times. 

Known as the “Sunshine State” and bustling with fun activities like Walt Disney World, Daytona 500, and the most golf courses in the U.S., it’s no wonder Florida is home to almost 23 million people. With over 20% of the population 65 and over, the state of Florida is ranked #1 for the highest percentage of elderly citizens.

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