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Commonly known as Community Residence Facilities and Assisted Living Residences in the District of Columbia, these are the main assisted living facilities. Assisted Living Residences (ALR) can provide a higher level of care than Community Residence Facilities (CRF). 

CRFs are healthcare facilities not including hospitals. These facilities offer safe and clean living arrangements to adults 18 and over. Residents are required to have the ability to perform daily living activities without much need for assistance. CRFS may provide housing and assistance due to mental, physical, familial, and social circumstances. Their goal is to assist residents in training and education to help them achieve a higher level of function and self-care. 

Community space in a CRF must provide at least 25 sq. ft of space per resident above the basement level. At least 130 sq. ft per habitable room must be available, as well as an extra 90 sq. ft of floor space per additional occupant. Rooms used for sleeping must have at least 70 sq. ft. Rooms for 2 or more residents must consist of at least 50 sq. ft of space per occupant. Maximum of 4 residents per unit allowed. At least one lavatory, water closet, and bath/shower necessary per 6 residents.

Assisted Living Residences to combine housing, healthcare, and personalized assistance. Individuals may not be related to the owner or operator. Assistance with activities of daily living as well as 24-hour supervision is offered. Recreational and social activities as well as appropriate health services are required as well. Social services including nursing, hospice, dental, counseling, rehabilitative, medical, dietary, and psychiatric services may be offered too. Individualized service plans are made for each resident. 

There must be at least 1 full bathroom per 6 residents. ALRs with more than 17 beds need one full bath per 4 residents.  Private bedrooms must provide at least 80 sq. ft of living space for single occupancy. Double occupancy must provide 120 sq.ft. (After June 24, 2000) 

Living quarters built prior to June 24, 2000, require at least 70 sq. ft for single occupancy and

100 sq. ft for double occupancy rooms.

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