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In Delaware, assisted living facilities are a combination of housing and supportive services. Supervision, personal assistance, and healthcare are specialized to each individual’s needs. Help with daily living and activities is offered. 

These facilities are designed, however, to cater to medically stable residents, not in need of skilled nursing and constant supervision. Access to healthcare and social services is available, as well as opportunities for social interaction and activities. Nursing assistance is only to be for a limited period. Residents needing skilled monitoring and testing, who are bedridden, or require a ventilator are not permitted. 

Each private unit must consist of at least 100 square ft of floor space. Shared units must offer at least 80 square ft per resident. There is to be no more than two residents per unit. Kitchen areas must be accessible either in their room or nearby for easy use. Bathing must be available either in each unit or easily accessible to residents. Shared bathrooms must contain at least one toilet, one sink, and one bath/shower per every 4 residents. 

Facilities with more than 25 beds must have a full-time nursing home administrator on staff. A home with 4-24 beds must have a part-time nursing home administrator. Each facility must have a Director of Nursing who is a registered nurse as well. There are no set staffing ratios, but each facility must have a sufficient number of staff who are trained and certified to meet the residents’ needs. 

Delaware is commonly known as The First State and The Diamond State. With just under a million people residing here, almost 19% are ages 65 and older. 

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