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Assisted Living Residences in Colorado are residential facilities that are available to 3 or more elderly adults. No relation to the owner, either directly or indirectly, must exist. Residences must offer a safe and sanitary room and board as well as meeting the needs of the residents.

Housing and specified services should be made available. Social and personal care, protective oversight, resident engagement, and 24-hour supervision are recommended. However, 24-hour medical or nursing care is not required. Nurses may provide services for personal care, but services should not become 24-hour care.

Other types of assisted living in Colorado include Residential Treatment Facilities for the Mentally Ill, which may house up to 16 mentally ill individuals, and Supportive Living Program Residences. These residences offer independent living skills training, behavioral management, and health maintenance activities. Treatment is provided as needed, as well as supportive programs for a wider range of residents.

Private units in the assisted living residences must be at least 100 square ft. A double occupancy room must provide at least 60 square feet per resident. A maximum of 2 residents per unit is allowed. One full bathroom per 6 residents must include toilet, shower/bath, mirror, sink, and private storage for personal belongings. 

The facility should conduct an assessment of individuals prior to acceptance. Physical, health, and capacity for self-care should be assessed as well as social needs and preferences. 

Colorado is said to be the second fastest growing state in the whole U.S. There are almost 6 million people, and at least 700,000 residing in the state capital of Denver. An estimated 14.2% of The Centennial State’s population is 65 and over. 

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