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In Alaska, assisted living facilities are known as assisted living homes. In these homelike environments, housing and food service are provided to the elderly as well as care and assistance. An assisted living home in Alaska is defined as a residential facility that performs duties to 3 or more adults that are not related to the owner. Facilities are also considered an assisted living home if they receive state or federal payment for their services, no matter the number of adults being served.

These assisted living homes must be equipped with single occupancy bedrooms of at least 80 square feet. Double occupancy rooms are required to have at least 140 square feet. There are no more than 2 residents per bedroom. One sink, one toilet, and a shower/bath is the minimum needed per 6 residents.

An administrator is required in each assisted living home. Although there are no set staffing ratios, there needs to be a sufficient amount of care workers and employees to meet the needs of the residents. At least one care provider with knowledge of CPR and first aid training must be on duty at all times. 

An estimated 11.8% of Alaska’s 734,002 population are 65 and older. This massive state is the largest state in the United States, while also the least populated. Covering 665,384 square miles, the average density per square mile is only 1.2 people. 

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