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Michigan has various types of assisted living facilities, each with their own licensing requirements. Most assisted living facilities in Michigan are licensed as Adult Foster Cares, often refered to as AFCs. Adult Foster Care homes have various size categories depending on the number of beds. Family Homes and Small Group Homes are licensed for 1-6 residents. Medium Group Homes are facilities that are licensed for 7-12 beds. Large Group Homes can be licensed for between 13-20 beds.

Different adult foster care homes serve different types of residents. Some AFCs serve elderly residents. Others may serve residents with alzheimers, residents with developmental disabilities, or residents with various types of mental illnesses. Different certifications and requirements are needed depending on the type of residents an adult foster care wants to serve.

Another type of assisted living facility is one that’s licensed as a Home for the Aged. A Home for the Aged is limited to only serving elderly residents, but is not limited to only 20 beds like adult foster care homes are.

The department that handles licensing for assisted living facilities in Michigan is LARA, and the specific division is the Adult Foster Care and Homes for the Aged Licensing Division.

Before investing in an assisted living facility in Michigan, it is important to check with the licensing division on any requirements you must meet before operating an adult foster care or a home for the aged in Michigan.