There are around 1 million residents in assisted living. Trying to keep up with all the assisted living residents and your assisted living facility can be daunting without modernization. Here are four ways you can modernize your facility and make it the best it can be for residents and easier for staff members to do their jobs.

Smart Tech

Imagine how much time your staff would save if they could get the facility up and running at the touch of an app each day. They don’t have to run around and flip on every single light, every single appliance, every single television—you get the idea. By having smart technology for the appliances and electronics in your facility, a staff member can quickly control things from their pocket, giving them more time to focus on the more important task of taking care of your residents.


While dealing with residents of an assisted living facility is very hands-on, there are certain aspects of the job that don’t have to be. For example, automatic pill dispensers can save a lot of time. There are so many residents in an assisted living facility that giving out pills to each individual person could be extremely time-consuming. An automatic pill dispenser for some of the more able residents could cut the time it takes to do this task in half.

Digital Records

Healthcare software can provide an alternative to keeping data on notepads and spreadsheets, and having centralized information on apps can help your staff keep track of allergies or other health conditions. Just imagine having to sort through a bunch of papers in a file cabinet while your resident is having an emergency. Not only will having centralized information on apps save time, but it can save lives by reducing response times.


New technology is great, but sometimes modernization can be as simple as redecorating and redesigning the facility. This can be especially helpful if your facility looks more like a hospital than a place to live. Beds are one area to look at. Mattress technology is advancing all the time, so getting more comfortable mattresses could be beneficial to the physical health of your residents. Updating the colors, lighting, and furniture can help your residents feel more at home. Modernizing your assisted living facility doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking.

These four tips provide a great start to a fresh, new, modernized way of taking care of your residents.

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